Rabu, 10 September 2014

The foreigners who come to Indonesia for the first time will introduce with confusing of many languages although they stay in one place. One language between other is different in pronunciations and sounds. In Example if you come to Bali or Jakarta, there a lot of languages which may be difficult to understand, because there are a lot of people who comes as urban to a big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali.
Indonesia is a country of many languages, culture and religion so we call it as unity in diversity. Indonesia has around 300 different languages but as a national language Indonesian people use Bahasa Indonesia.
So before you going abroad to some place in Indonesia, better you learn the language before because language is the most important things for communication with other people.
When walking around in West Java you will probably notice the melodic, wailing way in which people speak, that sounds very different from Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, or Balinese. Chances are that you won't understand a word that is uttered, since word structures are quite complex and long, with a lot of multi syllable tones, which will prove real tongue twisters.
In west java a most people using Sundanese in their lives for communicating something with someone. Sundanese language is quite different from Bahasa. Sundanese language or “Basa Sunda” is a hierarchical dialect. When you speak to different people, you need to know which grammatical path and diction is in order. The way to address people depends on their age as well as status. You can't speak haphazardly to people older than you nor speak very formally to people your age. Of course none of this applies to foreigners or visitors from outside of West Java . Mistakes are smiled upon and usually just the effort will grant you their cheerful acceptance.
So before you visiting Indonesia, it’s a good idea to learn the languages in this blog. Here I will teach you in three languages, Basa Sunda (Sundanese), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language and English (international Language).
The first time u learns about sundanese, you will find the difficulty in pronunciation, but it’s ok and just go on.
Sundanese people are famous with the “polite” in their lives, so if u learns sundanese try starting from now using low tones in communication.
The words are using for asking something in sundanese are using “punten” in the first sentence before you asking something. this is a polite greeting to excuse yourself when you ask something or walk passed and followed by “ mangga ” to reply by way of saying ‘go ahead'
Before we learn to a sentence, first learn about vocabulary of sundanese below, The language structure are sundanese follow with bahasa and English meaning

  • Basa sunda = Bahasa Sunda = Sundanese
  • Wilujeng Sumping = Selamat Datang = Welcome
  • Punten = Permisi = Excuse me
  • Abdi = Saya = I am
  • Anjeun = Kamu = You
  • Taksi = Taksi = Taxy
  • Pantai = Pantai = Beach
  • Laut = Laut = Sea/Ocean
  • Gunung = Gunung = Montain
  • Kembang = Bunga = Flower
  • Mobil = Mobil = Car
  • Kapal Udara = Pesawat = Plane
  • Statsion = Stasiun = Station
  • Jalan = Jalan = Road
  • Bank = Bank = Bank
  • Sakola = Sekolah = School
  • Tulung = Tolong = help
  • Restoran = Restoran = Restaurant
  • Roti = Roti = Bread
  • Sangu = Nasi = Rice
  • Artos = Uang = Money
  • Raksukan = Baju = Clothes
  • Lapar = Lapar = Hungry

Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

Quiz kelas karyawan sore

1.      What are greetings used for?
a.      To begin the lesson
b.      To fix expressions
c.       To require a full answer
d.      To reply the question
e.       To start a conversation
2.      .... the students listen to the teacher’s explanation?
a.      Does                                 d. Do
b.      Done                                e. Did
c.       Had
3.      I ...... understand what Mr. Mike said.
a.      Do not                              d. Had not
b.      Does not                          e. Did not
c.       Not
4.      He had a computer.
The negative sentence is ....
a.      He did not have a computer.
b.      He has not have a computer
c.      He does not have a computer
d.      He do not has a computer
e.      He did not has a computer
5.      Listen! Sandy ........in the bathroom
a.      Sing                                 d. Sang
b.      Sings                               e. Was singing
c.       Is singing
6.      .... you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?
a.      Do                                   d. Has
b.      Did                                  e. Have
c.       Does
7.      Maya...... a new cassette recorder last month
a.      Bought                            d. Is buying
b.      Buys                                e. Was buying
c.       Buy
8.      We have lived in this city.....fifteen years.
a.      Since                               d. Everyday
b.      For                                  e. Sometimes
c.       Often
9.      You.............my money yet.
a.      Have returned                             d. Returned
b.      Have not returned        e. Returns
c.       Has not returned
10.  I .......my dinner right now.
a.      Am eating
b.      Have Eaten
c.       Eats
d.      Ate
e.       Was eating
11.  I am writing to apply for the position of Director of Software Development which was advertised on your company website.
The paragraph above is.....
a.      Introduction
b.      Body
c.       Conclusion
d.      Educational background
e.       Work experiences
12.  Radium is one of the..........metals.
a.      Valuable
b.      As valuable as
c.       More valuable
d.      Most valuable
e.       valuables
13.  shimla is.......than most other hill situations in India.
a.      Most famous
b.      More famous
c.       Famous
d.      Famouser
e.       Famousest
14.  What does an expression like, “I enjoyed seeing you,” indicate?
a.      Saying goodbye
b.      Greeting
c.       Introduction
d.      Leave taking
e.       Pre closing before saying good bye
15.  Steve smelled the flowers
a.      Linking verb
b.      Action verb
16.  Bill became the president of the student council.
a.      Linking verb
b.      Action verb
17.  You can Mention about your desire to be called for interview in .... part.
a.      Introduction
b.      Body
c.       Conclusion
d.      Curriculum vitae
e.       Enclosures
18.  Someone smashed our window last night.
Change that sentence into passive!
a.      Our window is smashed by someone last night
b.      Our window was smashed by someone last night
c.       Someone is smashed our window last night
d.      Someone was smashed our window last night
e.       Our window has been smashed by someone last night
19.  How does the internet influence life today’s world? Except....
a.      The internet is the international revolution
b.      The internet is one of the most important technological breakthrough of the 20th century.
c.       The internet is always beneficial for our life in all generation
d.      The internet changed ourway of finding new information and evan friends.
e.       The internet almost changed the life of our generation at all.
20.  The wall is being decorated by them. Active sentence is....
a.      The wall is decorating by them
b.      They are decorating the walls
c.       They are being decoration thewalls
d.      The wall are being decorating by them
e.       They are being decorating the walls.

Senin, 25 November 2013


  • Linking Verb (kata kerja penghubung) adalah kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan Subject dengan Complement (pelengkap).
  • Adapun Complement itu dapat berupa Noun, Adjective, Adverb.
  • Terkadang Linking Verb juga disebut kata kerja lemah (weakness verb), dikarenakan kata kerja ini hanya sebagai penghubung, maka Linking verb ini selalu Intransitive Verb (kata kerja yang tidak ada direct object nya)
  • Linking Verb terdiri dari:
    1. Verb of sensation  : Feel, Look, Smell, Taste, Sound.
    2. Verb of Being  ; act, appear, seem, continue, keep, aprove, remain, turn, get, fall, run, become, be, grow,etc.
    3. Linking Verb "be" ; is, am, are, was, were,...
  • Action Verb dan Linking Verb 
Kebanyakan Verb of sensation dan Verb of being (kecuali "be") dapat pula sebagai action verb dan transitive verb (kecuali become dan seem, keduanya hanya berfungsi sebagai Linking verb), itu semua bisa dideteksi dengan cara mensubstitusikan "BE" pada kata kerja tersebut. jika tampak logis, maka kata kerja tersebut berfungsi sebagai Linking verb.

Contoh Action Verb dan Linking Verb
 - This food tasted delicious
substitusi "was", The noodle was delicious (kalimat logis), jadi taste ini termasuk linking verb.

- Smith tastes a beef burger
substitusi "was", Smith was a beef burger (kalimat tidak logis), jadi taste ini merupakan action verb/transitive verb.
  • Contoh kalimat Linking Verb
Verb of Sensation
  1. the old man feels lonely
  2. the coat looks nice
  3. the soup smells good
  4. the music sounds slow
  5. this food tastes delicious
Verb of being
  1. I keep health
  2. He becomes old
  3. The traffic light turned green and I pilled away
  4. The dog ran wild
  5. The Milk has gone sour
  6. The women will grow old with her lovely husband
  7. The story proved unreal
  8. I wish you be mature and responsibility

Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Improvement Test

Choose the correct answer below!
1.  The sun is going to set in the west, I greet ______ to my friends.
a.      Good morning                 d. Good Night
b.      Good afternoon               e. Good bye
c.      Good evening
2.      Housemaker means____________
a.      a profession who always builds the houses
b.      a profession as an assistant/helper in the houses
c.      a profession who always servants the boss
d.      a profession for a women as a wife in her house
e.      a profession for a man who sells the houses
3.        What will you say if you want to leave_taking apart, except_____
a.      Good bye                          d. Cheerio
b.      See you                             e. Hallo.
c.      Bye
4.       Turkish coffie is.... in Bulgarian than in Turkey.
a.      Popularer                              d. most popular
b.      Popularest                            e. popular
c.      More popular
5.     Look! Someone...in the center of the street.
a.      Dance                                   d. has danced
b.      Danced                 e. was dancing
c.      Is dancing
How does The Internet influence life in today’s world?

The Internet is one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the 20th century. I wouldn't be wrong if I told that it almost changed the life of our generation at all. Although some people say that the Internet is always beneficial, I personally not agree with them. It provides us with different and freshest information for studying, communicating or just developing ourselves. However, there are also several drawbacks.

On the one hand, the Internet changed our way of finding new information and even friends. Firstly, the most important thing is the amount and diversity of information. Spending hours in libraries is no more necessary. I have everything I need for my university research paper at home. Secondly, this information could be taken as fast as never before. I just go to Google and type what I want to read about; then it shows me a thousand of links about it. Finally, I can find the most interesting people from all over the world using the Internet. We can discuss films, science or even help each other in solving different problems. For example, Internet helps me in studying English because I can communicate with native and advanced speakers using the e-mail, forums and Skype. And all this things I can do sitting at home.

On the other hand, the amount of information is not usually means its quality. If I can find several valuable sources among the hundred, it is actually success, because 90 percents contains quite weak information or even advertising posts, erotic images and computer viruses. I cannot imagine how to show the Internet to my children in the future. I suppose the Internet should be moderated more carefully and maybe there should be separated locations for this sort of materials. Moreover, working as a teacher, I see how much time modern children spend on the Internet just playing or chatting about nothing instead of going for a walk and have a good time with their real friends and parents.

In conclusion, the Internet means, in my opinion, the International revolution. It is very useful for studying and friendship; however, because of the low quality and some uncensored sources sometimes I think that its influence on our society and, especially on our children, is terrible.

6.      Spending hours in libraries is no more necessary, it’s becaused of the amount of the information likns can be found in the internet.
a.    True                                   b. False
7.      Actually, the internet just has a great function for us to find the most interesting people from all over the world.
a.    True                                   b. False
8.      We can communicate everything by internet, such as about films, science or even help each other in solving different problems.
a.    True                                   b. False
9.      To get the amount of informations, we just go spending time in the libraries, then we could get it as fast as never before.
a.    True                                   b. False
10.      In the 20th century, to find the new information and even friends,people changed their way by the internet.
a.    True                                   b. False
11.    Because of the low quality and uncensored sources, it makes certain about being terrible of the children’s future.
a.    True                                   b. False
12.  I ..... orphan a number of times since I first met him.
a.   help                                                        d. Has helped
b.   helped                                                    e. Have helped
c.    helping
13.  Have you visited any European countries? – Yes. I ..... Spain and Italy two years ago.
a.   visited                                                    d. Had visited
b.   visits                                                       e. Am visiting
c.    have visited
14.  Where is John? – He .... his car in the garage.
a.   repairs                                                    d. Had repaired
b.   repaired                                 e. Has repaired
c.    is repairing
15.  Vatican City is the .... in the world.
a.   small                                                      d. as small
b.   smaller                                                   e. so small
c.    smallest
16.  When in season, we ... durians almost every other day.
a.   eat                                                          d. eating
b.   ate                                                          e. have eaten
c.    eaten
17.  It’s 5 pm, you are leaving your office, you say to your colleague: ‘see you on Monday, ...”
a.   good bay                                               d. have a nice weekend
b.   hello                                                       e. see you tomorrow
c.    hi, how are you doing
18.  Which is the.... animal in the world?
a.   most dangerous                   d. dangerouser
b.   more dangerous                   e. dangerousest
c.    dangerous
19.  I have been in the garden.
a.   have you been?                   d. where are you
b.   where have you been?                        e. where were you?
c.    what have you been?
20.  Sarah bought five book at 4 pm. 2 days ago.
a.    when did she buy five books?
b.   when she bought five books?
c.    what time did she bought five books?
d.   what time did she buy five books?
e.   what time she bought five books?